The Platform

Working families

In order for business to thrive, they need not only an educated workforce, but a community which can afford to buy goods and services.  We need to raise the minimum wage, protect collective bargaining, bring the prevailing wage threshold to dollar zero, and ensure that contract obligations are met. When our working class thrives, business and industry follow.


From preschool to college, quality education has to be affordable without debt, and available to everyone regardless of zip code or financial means.

Education equals hope. Education is the path out of the vicious circle of poverty.  Education and financial opportunity will reduce crime and violence. 

A working class woman for CT

We need to get Connecticut back on target!

We won't get out of the economic rut until we establish a fair tax code and open new means of revenue.  That goes hand-in-hand with economic equality across races and genders.

Working class families are maxxed out.  We can even up our tax code though, including a 19% surcharge on investment management services, just like MA, NY, NJ, & PA have.  We've already cut government agencies to the point that they're not providing services anymore. In order to not raise taxes and not cut necessary services, we need to increase the tax base: new business, new working residents, improved city centers. That's going to take cooperation.

I Support:

Fairness and Equal Rights for All

Equitable Educational Funding - return to the ECS or CARES

Science-based Environmental Protections and Management

Pay Equity

Governmental Transparency

Optional Medicare Buy In for Everyone

Trust Act

Free or Affordable Preschool and Higher Education

Paid Family & Medical Leave

Worker's Rights to Organize and Collectively Bargain

Workplace Safety

Minimum Wage at a Livable Level

Net Neutrality

Farmland Conservation

Criminal Justice Reform

Maintaining a Safe and Efficient Infrastructure

Fair Taxation

Common Sense Gun Law including Background Checks, Red Flags and Uniform Training Standards

Clean Campaign Finance / CEP

I'll listen to you

Government is designed to be by and for the people. But it hasn't been functioning that way, with petty partisanship getting in the way of service to the residents of this state. Help me get the legislature refocused on what's best for us.

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