About Aili

Born and educated in Wallingford


Aili's folks moved to Wallingford from Maine in the early 1950s. Her father worked at Pratt & Whitney for 27 years, and her mother worked in a factory making communications cable. The youngest of five children, Aili graduated from Lyman Hall High School, and attended classes at SCSU before starting a family.


Aili and her husband Bruce have two daughters, both educated in Wallingford public schools. The eldest entered the building trades and is a Union carpenter, while the youngest is studying nursing at Gateway Community College 

Volunteerism and Community Service

Aili has been an adult volunteer with Girl Scouts since 1994. Starting out as a "camping mom," she progressed through troop leader, Service Unit Manager, and Adult Trainer. Now she concentrates on archery, survival skills, and outdoor cooking programs with girls.

Aili also participates in advocacy and raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Several family members have the disease. She also participates in an annual Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Awareness, in support of several close friends whom are survivors.


Sensitive about the way livestock is commercially raised, Aili decided some years ago to take responsibility for her place in the food chain by hunting for meat and growing vegetables. Paying it forward, she also teaches state-mandated hunter education courses, and teaches Olympic style archery. She also keeps bees and works for a CSA share every summer. 

Union Affiliation

As the daughter of a Union machinist, the wife AND mother of Union carpenters, Aili appreciates that the Labor movement has given her family stability that many others have not had.  Opportunity in life is largely dependent upon a good start: in a good education, financial stability, access to healthcare, and good nutrition. All people deserve this. 

What pays the bills

Aili uses her extensive knowledge of "stuff" to help families who have suffered a major property loss file their insurance claims. She inventories their personal property, appraises values, and later helps them recover their withheld depreciation.

Previously, Aili worked in the pre-press department of a small commercial printer in North Haven for 23 years.